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Amazon Escape - Live Room Escape Game

You and your team of intrepid explorers have entered the Amazon rainforest in search of unchartered areas of land.  Inadvertently you have crossed into territory occupied by the Keeyhidi tribe, you are immediately captured and thrown into the cage you now find yourselves in.

The Keeyhidi tribe are some of the last remaining cannibals left in the world today.  So far they have made no attempt to harm anyone, feeding you all generously at every opportunity.  However, the large cooking pot they have just hoisted over the fire is making you feel uneasy to say the least.

They have never left you unattended until now, but luck is on your side today. The tribe have a very special celebration planned when one of their men will marry a girl from the neighbouring Yohfindy tribe, giving you and your team an opportunity to escape.

The ceremony starts with a visit to the Yohfindy village to collect the girl.  It's a 30 minute walk away, so I'd estimate that you have an hour to make your escape.




Difficulty = 3 out of 5 stars

1= The door is already open
2= Easy peasy lemon squeezy
3= Great fun
4= Challenging
5= Fiendishly difficult

Fear Factor

Fear factor = 1 out of 5 stars

1= Not scary in the slightest
2= A bit dark sometimes
3= Dark & creepy
4= Not for the faint hearted
5= Run for your lives


Physical = 2.5 out of 5 stars

1= You could do it in your sleep
2= Simple tasks
3= Nothing heavy/ moderately energetic
4= At least 1 strong player needed
5= We hope you've been working out

Fun Factor

Fun factor = 5 out of 5 stars

All of our games are designed to be great fun as well as being visually and mentally stimulating

Recommended Ages

12 - 100

Can be played by anyone of any age 12+

* Please note: Amazon Escape features sand flooring so please wear suitable footwear

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