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House of Illusion

Henry Fortune is a magician, but are his tricks the only secrets he's hiding?

As a child Henry toured the world with his family's famous magic show, House Of Illusion.

Henry would wait patiently backstage during the performances just wishing for the day he would be allowed to take his place in the limelight.  Unfortunately, Henry's parents didn't think he was good enough to be included in the show.

Henry grew up bitter and disillusioned with the world, the anger and resentment he felt towards his family intensified and then...... they disappeared!


Henry's Mother, Father, Girlfriend, his Aunt and Uncle and several of the show's performers, staff and suppliers to the theatre just vanished. Henry claims they have all gone abroad to continue the show without him and the theatre has been signed over to him. 

We need you time detectives to go in and find out what really happened to them. You’ll need to get into the theatre and have a good look around without arousing Henry’s suspicions. Find everything you need to convince Henry you’re magic show performers, put on a good show and Henry will probably trust you to wander the theatre freely so you can complete your investigations.

Be warned, Henry is short tempered and impatient, don’t blow your cover whatever you do!


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