The Chapelgate Mysteries

Chapelgate Mysteries

At Escape Quest we like our customers to not just play our live interactive escape room puzzle games, but also become immersed in the theatre of our unique storylines.  To achieve this our game area provides an elaborately themed backdrop in keeping with the game stories.  These games are all set during different periods of time on the fictional Chapel Street, in the Chapelgate district of a mysterious town. 

Collectively we call our games the Chapelgate Mysteries!

Use the professor's time machine to travel through time and complete your quests while learning more about the colourful characters of Chapel Street.

Our games are challenging enough to test you, but also so much fun you won't want the time to end. 

Mr Copplestone's Curiosity Shoppe

Mr Copplestone has misplaced his Time Echo Crystals needed to power his time machine.  Can you help him to find them?


Henry Fortune's House of Illusion

Henry Fortune is a magician, but are his tricks the only secrets he's hiding?


Percy Pendleton's Peculiar Predicament

Can you help Percy to find his lost inheritance?



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