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Titterton’s Toffees

Can you uncover the long lost Titterton’s toffee recipes?

Titterton’s Toffees first opened their doors on Chapel street in 1933. They were soon to be regarded as one of the highest quality toffee makers in the country, eventually being awarded with a Royal warrant. 

They were a small family business and made almost everything in the back room of their shop. Things were going well for Titterton’s and they had great plans for the future including new flavours of toffee they would produce, demand started to increase and then the war arrived. Terry Titterton was just 8 years old at the time when he and his mother were left to run the shop alone after his father was called up to fight.  

As the war raged on and rationing came in to effect, the shop was sadly forced to close. 

Almost 20 years later Terry still reminisced about the days he spent watching his dear now departed parents making the toffee.  

On Wednesday 5 February 1953 the Food Minister announced in Parliament and to the Commons that ration and price control on chocolate and sweets had officially come to an end across the United Kingdom.

Over the course of the next year a flurry of sweet shops, small and large scale confectionery manufacturers sprung up across the country. 

Passing the old shop one day Terry noticed a for sale sign in the window, he peered through the cracked window pane to view the dusty interior and to his astonishment the shop looked just as it did the last time he saw it!

Terry bought the shop and started to clean the place up. All he needed now were the recipes for the toffees his parents produced and to work out how to use the toffee making machine. Searching around he found a key, the tag said “Flavour essence growing, making and storage” how strange! Also, there seemed to be a map drawn on the back of the tag. 

Can you detectives help Terry get his parents once glorious toffee business back up and running by discovering their secrets. 

I think if we could start with making 12 boxes of vanilla toffee to send to the Royal household we might be able to get the Royal warrant reinstated. 


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