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House of Illusion

Holly and Ivy only want one thing this Christmas. Can you make their dreams come true?

Twins Holly and Ivy were born on Christmas day almost 20 years ago and have been inseparable all their lives. They’ve always dreamed of becoming private detectives, maybe even opening their own agency eventually.  That dream seemed a million miles away until one day when both girls were working in Mrs Riddle's pantry as waitresses Holly overheard a conversation between Mr Mistletoe the local private detective and his wife discussing how the agency needed an office junior. 

The next day Holly & Ivy were waiting on the doorstep of the agency when Mr Mistletoe arrived for his day at work.  They convinced the elderly detective to give them both a trial by offering to work for free until they had proven themselves. Giving up their jobs at the tea rooms both girls arrived bright and early for their first day excited for the cases they might be involved in, however Mr Mistletoe had other ideas and both Holly and Ivy were soon to find out that the only tasks they were allowed to perform were making tea, sweeping the floor and running errands.  They may as well have continued working in the tea rooms as at least they’d get paid!

Six months later on Christmas eve 1908, Holly and Ivy confronted Mr Mistletoe about the lack of detective work they were allowed to do, and yet again he just mocked them saying "You're just girls! You can't expect me to trust you with anything important."  He then laughed and said "If you think this work is easy, then I’ll set you a challenge - If you can solve enough cases that we have left on file and complete your own duties before you lock up tonight at 8pm, maybe then I will trust you both with more work. I’ll leave some golden stars for you to collect so I can see how well you’ve progressed, collect 5 stars each and I’ll promote you both to junior detectives" and off he went home to enjoy his Christmas break.

The girls stared after him in disbelief at his rudeness yet again and looked at the clock to see it was now 7pm, if only they had a way to show him they were worthy of a promotion, but no matter how capable they may be, it would be impossible to solve enough cases within just one hour! 

Can you detectives help Holly and Ivy to prove Mr Mistletoe wrong and get the promotion they so deserve?


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