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Percy Pendleton's Peculiar Predicament

Can you help Percy to find his lost inheritance?

Percy Pendleton and his Wife Violet live above their modest haberdashery shop situated on Chapel street.

One rainy Tuesday afternoon Percy received a telegram all the way from Peru. The only person Percy knows in Peru is his rich Uncle Paolo who he hasn't seen since he was a child.  Paolo owns a very lucrative pineapple plantation.

The telegram reads-


I'm sorry to inform you of your Uncle Paolo's death. 

His entire estate has been left to his loving Wife with the exception of a box he has asked to be sent to you.


  Later that day a courier arrived and Percy couldn't believe it when he saw two strong men struggle to lift the small package and bring it inside.  After they left Percy carefully lifted the lid to be greeted by a sight that made him sit down in complete shock.  A handwritten note sat on top of the items and it read-


My dearest Nephew Percy. 

I've sent you these as it's the only way to avoid the tax man! 

You always were my favourite relative and so these should set you up for life. 

All my love 

Uncle Paolo. 


Inside the box were dozens of jewel encrusted solid gold pineapples, they must be worth an absolute fortune!  Percy started to panic, visions of being thrown in jail for tax evasion flashed through his mind and then..... a loud knock at the door! 

"Oh my goodness, they've come for me already!" Percy was almost faint with panic as he opened the door.  He was filled with indescribable relief to find Tommy Tatler on his doorstep.  Tommy owns the Chapelgate tavern across the road and they'd been friends since they were kids.  Percy could always rely on Tommy to help him with any situation. 

After showing him the precious pineapples and explaining everything, Tommy knew just what to do.  "I'll hide these somewhere safe for you Percy" Tommy said confidently, "Don't you worry, I'll split them all up for you too so they're not all together."  And off he went leaving Percy feeling like all his troubles were over.  He kept just one of the pineapples to sell and decided he'd gradually sell them off over time so as not to arouse suspicion. 

The next morning however, Percy got the shock of his life when he was told the awful news. 

Tommy was dead!   A sudden heart attack in the night they said. 

A few days went by before Percy even thought about the pineapples.  Where had Tommy hidden them?  He'd died before he'd had the chance to tell Percy. 

What a peculiar predicament! 

Can you help Percy find his hidden pineapples?


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